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Interconnect audio usando cable digital coaxial

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Interconnect audio usando  cable digital coaxial Empty Interconnect audio usando cable digital coaxial

Mensaje  SeaLion Mar 11 Mayo 2010 - 19:37


Me gustaria saber la vuestra opinion sobre este tema [referido pelo comentador Doug Schroeder en algunas recensiones de aparatos/fuentes digitales],
>>Audio is a great hobby, especially when one tries
things that never should be. Not many people might
think of using a pair of digital cables for interconnects,
but it’s my duty to try weird things in audio
and report on them. So, I’ll feign that it was only out
of sense of duty that I installed the Gold Starlight between
the Ayon CD-1 and the Ayon Spirit amplifier.
What an interesting result I obtained! I ran the dual
Gold Starlights on the twin Pathos Classic One MKIII
amps and the richness was remarkable. The Equinox
5-Squared sounded thinner by comparison.
With the Pathos integrateds, I preferred the sound
of the interconnects and digital cables switched!
Vocals, instruments – the entire presentation was
warmer and richer. There seemed not to be any loss
of detail, just more body added.<< unquote;

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quote:>>Then it happened, a result of a combination of cables and processing I’m still trying to understand. I have made it a habit to try with every rig a pair of Wireworld Gold Starlight Digital cables as interconnects. Why? It sounds fairly fantastic! There is a supple tonal richness imparted with the digital cables, tuned to 75 Ohm versus the traditional interconnect at 110 Ohm, which I have not been able to hear using any manufacturer’s RCA or XLR 110 Ohm interconnects<< unquote;

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Aparte de que pueda resultar un poco o mucho costoso, a lo mejor para el le parece resultar mui apreciable...


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