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Carver Sunfire Load Invariant Power Amplifier

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Carver Sunfire Load Invariant Power Amplifier Empty Carver Sunfire Load Invariant Power Amplifier

Mensaje  Framengu 2/20/2014, 12:17 am


Tengo este extraño ampli que compre pensando que seria ideal para mover mis quad els57, por aquello de la invariable impedancia, la verdad es que no he llegado a saber si merece la pena, lo malo es que su potencia las ponia en peligro y termine por usar un quad II .
Alguien sabe de sus bondades?

in the vein of Mr. Carver's previous Carver power amp offerings, this Sunfire power amp is a very unusual power amp design.

First off: despite prodigious power ratings (300wpc@ 8ohms, 600@4, and for limited time, 1,200@2 and even 2,400wpc @1ohm!) often associated with Krell or other megabuck amps, this unit is only moderate in size and weighs only 43 lbs! Even more disconcerting, it doesn't even get warm, even when putting out room-shaking volumes through my power-hungry NHT 2.9s. In fact, it seems to run cooler than my Adcom GFP-750 preamp!

Connectivity options are much better than most, and reflect the unconventional design even further: two sets of unbalanced RCA inputs (lab direct or normal), and one set of balanced XLR inputs. Outputs are done with two sets of heavy duty five-way binding posts. One set are voltage outputs (recommended for bass section) and one set are current output (higher impedence, supposedly more 'tubelike' in sound). Recommended setup is to biwire with the voltage outputs going to the low freq section, current output going to the mid/tweeters.

This unit uses something called a 'tracking downconverter' that stores the energy demanded by the loudspeakers, and current is supplied in a fashion that supposedly tracks the musical signal. Thus, there is no need for large, heavy heatsinks, and the unit does not run hot all the time like class A designs do. I believe this one is considered a class A-B, and I did admit to having some skepticism about such a design.

And all in all, sometimes this amp can sound like it is not as powerful as rated. It just doesn't 'seem' like 300 honest-to-God 8ohm watts sometimes. But I think it does excell once the volume is turned up, and it conveys a convincing, lush, plump bass at volume levels that could only be achieved by a very powerful amplifier.

Some experimentation with the input/output options to achieve ideal spectral balance with your associated components is a must in my opinion. This unit can and does help tame the slightly edgy, tipped-up highs that can be conveyed by the NHTs. In fact, it can over-tame them, and I agree with other reviewers on the site that this amp can come across as quite mellow in overall presentation, especially if using the current outputs.

I am pleased with the sound of the Sunfire. I got mine used for around $1K on ebay, and at that price I think it is a very good value. But for the $2300 MSRP? Then you have to
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