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Auralic Altair.

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Auralic Altair.  Empty Auralic Altair.

Mensaje  daredevil64 Sáb 16 Abr 2016 - 10:13

Auralic presenta nuevo modelo entre el Mini con la PSU y el modelo Vega. Precio comentan de 1895$. El modelo es el Auralic Altair. Aquí dos previews antes de su presentación oficial

No tiene mala pinta la verdad. Dac+streamer +ampli headphones. Disponiblidad dicen a paraeste verano.

Auralic Altair.  Auralic_altair_2-758x426

Auralic Altair.  Auralic_altair_3-580x200

Technical Features (web de auralic)

HighEnd Wireless Streaming
ALTAIR is equipped with AURALiC’s awards-winning Lightning streaming technology. Lightning streaming, launched in year 2014, is industry’s first streaming technology that supports DXD and Quad-Rate DSD playback through WiFi network. It also supports several advanced features such as gapless playback, on-device playlist and multiple-room functions.

Memory Playback, the latest feature been added to Lightning streaming technology allows ALTAIR to fetch and cache the entire track in its memory or system storage in advance then play locally without the need of network data transfer to improve the sound quality. ALTAIR’s streaming function can ben operated by AURALiC Lightning DS control App which is available on iOS platform right now with Mac and Windows version in development. It is also compatible with other 3rd party OpenHome or UPnP control software for playback.

15 Input Sources, More to Come
ALTAIR can act as home music center for virtually all digital input source. It read music stored on USB drive, internal hard disk, network shared folder and DLNA/UPnP music server. By joint use with Lightning DS, you can also stream TIDAL, Qobuz and listen to Internet Radio at any time. ALTAIR’s AirPlay, Songcast and Bluetooth inputs provide alternative way to stream your favorite music from Apple Music, Spotify and other service providers through smartphone or computer.

ALTAIR also work as RoonReady endpoint to use with Roon software if necessary, bringing you a new way to discover and listen to music. The rest of inputs includes AES/EBU, Coaxial, Toslink and USB connection to computer working as USB DAC. When ordering ALTAIR, you can add a 2’5-inch hard disk drive or solid state drive as internal music storage as an option, turning ALTAIR into a full function music server. Since there is no capacity limitation, you can always purchase ALTAIR and install the storage by yourself.

AURALiC Tesla Platform

ALTAIR is powered by AURALiC's proprietary Tesla hardware platform that includes a Quad-Core Coretex-A9 processor running at 1GHz, 1GB DDR3 onboard memory and 4GB system storage. The Tesla platform has a calculation ability of 25,000 MIPS, more than enough to decode a vast spectrum of audio formats, including AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, DIFF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA. AURALiC has chosen this platform for its flexibility and long term support consideration. Future features planned include DSD Upsampling, Room Acoustic Treatment and MQA support. All these features can be delivered through automatic online updates without user’s attention.

Femto Master Clock
The dual-frequency Femto Master Clock inside the ALTAIR is specially designed and optimized for its ESS Sabre DAC chip: with one frequency for playing music with a sampling rate which is the multiple of 44.1K, and a second for 48K, making it possible for the ALTAIR to be able to lock on with highest clock precision (equal to the VEGA’s “EXACT” mode) at all time without dropouts. The Femto Master Clock, which is powered by a 9uV extremely low noise dedicated power supply, has a very low phase noise performance. It not only has dramatically low phase noise, which is only at -151dBc/Hz level, but also an excellent 100Hz offset noise level which is only -115dBc/Hz. Driven by such a high performance clock, the ALTAIR can bring you vivid music with natural detail and a solid sound image.

Full Linear Powe Supply
With more and more DACs at this price range starting to use switching power supplies, AURALiC insists on using high performance but costly Purer-Power™ linear power supply technology on the ALTAIR. With this technology, the dirty AC power firstly goes into a power purification module, and the DC current and noise from both within and outside audio frequencies can be reduced by as much as 90dB. The purified AC power is then feed to a high quality transformer, with a specialty iron core made to AURALiC’s specifications, and unique wiring to ensure zero vibration and very low noise to avoid impacting the sensitive audio electrical circuit.

Compared to the conventional switching power supply which generates wide-band noise that is hard to eliminate, AURALiC’s discrete component- based power supply feeds the DAC chip’s analog circuit with an astonishing low noise that is below 1uV (1uV = 0.000001V) within the entire audio band, making ALTAIR a perfect tool to re-discover your music with more details in the “last bit” that you may never noticed before.

Flexible Filter Mode
ALTAIR has four built-in filter modes which allows its user to customize sound best befitting their personal preference. Those filter modes were developed from AURALiC’s well known Flexible Filter Mode in the VEGA Digital Audio Processor, with each containing several digital filters optimized for a corresponding sampling rate. Flexible Filter Mode was developed under AURALiC's subjective auditory sense and objective testing data relationship models, to optimize the listening experience for different music and format. The “Precise” mode exhibits perfect in-band ripple and out-band attenuation performance, while the “Smooth” mode is better for overall enjoyment as it has no 'pre-ringing' effect. The other two modes, named “Dynamic” and “Balance” are optimized for different music formats as well.


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Auralic Altair.  Empty Re: Auralic Altair.

Mensaje  henry_races Lun 18 Abr 2016 - 10:28

Muy buena pinta...veremos al precio que se comercializa en Europa, pero supongo que no será menos de 2000 euros. Un precio aparentemente elevado pero que no me parece tanto si, en un solo aparato, Auralic ha conseguido reunir las bondades de su sistema de streaming Aries, un dac con prestaciones similares a su modelo Vega y una buena salida de auriculares. Si además le unimos una fuente de alimentación lineal y (como he creído entender de la reseña de Digital Audio Review) la posibilidad de acoplar un disco duro SSD creo que se trata de un cacharro a tener muy en cuenta.

Creo que Auralic está siguiendo una política bajo mi punto de vista muy interesante, pues está completando una gama de productos que cubre prácticamente cualquier necesidad/bolsillo y además fácilmente escalable. Veremos si la salida de auriculares está a buen nivel porque si es así tenemos en un solo chasis de acabado "premium" una opción muy recomendable para quien quiera simplificar su sistema o, simplemente, entrar en el mundo de la reproducción de archivos digitales locales o en streaming por la puerta grande.

En mi caso, como feliz poseedor del Aries Mini, habría considerado muy seriamente esta opción si hubiera estado ya en el mercado hace unos meses.



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Auralic Altair.  Empty Re: Auralic Altair.

Mensaje  last minute Miér 2 Nov 2016 - 13:48

Hola,retomo el tema..!!

¿¿Alguna experiencia con él??
Parece que nó ha entrado por la puerta grande..sino más bien pasando desapercivido,es más no sé si hay disdribuición en España,actualmente...

Teniendo en cuenta los precios  vega,aries  ...este que sale por 2000 lereles reuniendo los dos paratos en uno solo chasis ,tiene que ser una obción a tener en cuenta para olvidarse de fuente por largo tiempo....

siempre que esté a la altura de los mencionados vega,aries pasa a ser competencia directa con Lumin,Aurender a un precio muy moderado..

En muchos foros conocidos se ván deshaciendo del vega... scratch
last minute
last minute

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Auralic Altair.  Empty Re: Auralic Altair.

Mensaje  MERIDIAN Sáb 28 Ene 2017 - 13:16

Hay un compañero del foro que vende su Mini para pasarse al Altair. Ya está en venta en España. Alguien lo tiene? Agradeceré sus comentarios

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Auralic Altair.  Empty Re: Auralic Altair.

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