Premio de "Positive Feedback" para Audio Epilog

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Premio de "Positive Feedback" para Audio Epilog

Mensaje  RRH Audio el Miér Ene 20, 2010 3:41 am

La revista on-line "Positive Feedback" ha concedido uno de sus premios anuales a los altavoces Audio Epilog ISSA.

"Technically, these speakers shouldn't be on my list because they were reviewed in December. A year later, they still stand out for their sophisticated sound and outstanding value. The best thing about these svelte floorstanders is that they do so many things well. Detail is first rate, so discerning the nuances of subtle musical passages is not only possible, but a delight. Bass, midrange and treble are conveyed in an exceptionally coherent manner, and there is never that feeling that one area of the musical spectrum overshadows another: no bloat, no blat, no bleat. While the Issas don't go especially low, bass and midrange are so deftly handled that you don't begrudge the loss of the lower frequencies. When given space (which I won't have until Habitat for Humanity makes a call) and sufficient amplification, the Issas reproduce instruments and voices in a highly natural way. Soundstaging and imaging are excellent, and avoid the artificiality that hinders too many speakers in this price range. I like the look of them, too, especially in the smart, clean white finish".


RRH Audio

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Re: Premio de "Positive Feedback" para Audio Epilog

Mensaje  RE-NOIR el Sáb Ene 23, 2010 8:27 am

Es una marca que me llama la atención.Algún día,tengo que esucharlas.Tendré que darme una escapada a las Canarias algún año de estos... Ok

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