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Mensaje  El Hombre del SACD el Dom 4 Sep 2011 - 23:17

¿Alguien lo aprueba?

Densen De Magic Demagnetizer

The De Magic promises an improvement of the musical performances of the system in which it is used, conditional only in that you let it play for at least three minutes.

The technical explanation furnished by Densen doesn't seem illogical. Acting on an experimental basis in the factory laboratories, they noticed how a signal of consistent intensity, running through the signal path of an amplifier, produced a beneficial effect on the quality of the sound. Further tests led them to define an algorithm of signals that produced benefits to the listening experience in terms of soundstage reconstruction, transparency, detail and dynamics. The explanation for all of this lies in the fact that small magnetic domains, present on the run of the signal tend, with time, to orient themselves in a particular direction, and this introduces a degradation of the musical signal.

According to Densen, the signal encoded on the De Magic is able to redirect such small magnets, eliminating the magnetic field and, accordingly, its negative effects on the quality of the sound. It seems that Studies conducted at the University of Seoul, in Korea, have scientifically shown the validity of the theory developed by Densen

The listening test must be conducted with a great deal of attention, because there will be no way, at least not immediately on the same system, to conduct another test. It will be necessary, in fact, to wait until the system, after a certain period of use (and therefore of time), finally (?) degrades in its musical performance. We will have, then, another opportunity to perform a further listening test.

Well, after having tried the golden diskette in several systems, I have to admit that its use seems to produce audible and meaningful listening results. I have had, in fact, the feeling that the sound, at the end of the treatment, appeared cleaner and more transparent, with beneficial effects in regard to the soundstage. It seems as if a light curtain, that somehow darkened the musical signal, had been removed. The most evident improvement is in the higher end of the spectrum, where the sound clears, eliminating in some cases, a certain feeling of granularity on the upper midrange, but beneficial effects are also appreciated on the micro-contrast and naturalness of emission.

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Re: Demagnetizer

Mensaje  Kapton el Lun 5 Sep 2011 - 9:58

He estado presente en una sesión con y sin aplicado a un cd y funciona. De qué marca era Calabrote?

Ahí queda eso
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